Leaving the Nest

Where did the summer go? 
It’s already August and it feels like the Summer just started.  The baby birds have left the nest (both figuratively and literally).

At the beginning of the summer, we put up a new birdhouse and were so excited that a family moved in so quickly.  I had lots of fun trying to catch the adults going in and out building their nest.  We knew things were progressing by the increased activity happening around the house that seemed to go on all day.   Later the incessant chirping at feeding time told us the babies had hatched inside.

Not usually a birding photographer, I have a newfound appreciation
for those who are (landscapes don’t move around so much).  It took a lot of trial and error to capture a shot with one of the adult birds, wings wide leaving the house for another food run.  Hope you like it

So, the weather is now changing and our kids are headed back to their respective schools.  Just like the bird house that hangs still now, the house has gotten really quiet. 

We are enjoying last breaths of summer and getting in the mood for the Fall Season in the northeast with apple picking and harvest events starting in just a few weeks.  This Fall, we have some great things planned including participating in the Freeport Fall Festival in Freeport, Maine  https://freeportfallfestival.com/ and the launch of our 2020 Calendar (which includes another great bird shot of a Scarlet Tanager).

Enjoy the rest of your Summer…

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