Farmhouse Style without ‘Demo Day’

Do you love that Farmhouse style like Fixer Upper but don’t know how to pull it off without ‘demo day’?  There a few simple changes you can make to achieve the same fresh, cozy and relaxing look:

1.  Pick colors that bring nature indoors.  Decorate with natural colors that mirror summertime scenes like fluffy clouds, wide open fields and bright skies.   Here
are a few images for inspiration:

Paint walls with nearly neutral colors that reflect a lot of light.  Pick subtle hues
and maintain the same color palette throughout adjoining rooms.  My favorite neutral color is Modern Gray SW7632 from Sherwin Williams.  

2.  Focus on simple styling.  Streamlined shapes and square edges suggest
handmade and are perfect for Farmhouse style.  Organize rooms to achieve an uncluttered look and decorate walls using white, unfinished or dark frames with simple, blocked moldings; nothing too ornate or complex.  Think crisp and clean.

3.  Mix materials.  Add contrasting elements of modern and natural materials.  Wrought iron, sleek mirrors, glass vases, metal bins and wicker baskets are all perfect in Farmhouse décor.  Mix rustic and industrial elements at the same time.  Finish off the look by adding window treatments and pillows with textural elements to add warmth.

4.  Use art to set the mood.  Relaxing images and natural landscapes are
perfect additions to your new Farmhouse look.  A large rustic clock can add an element of vintage whimsy or hang an image of a tractor or windmill for an additional industrial touch.

Farmhouse style is about comfort and fun, a refined look with a bit of personality that feels inviting.  

Have fun with it and make it yours!!

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