Through my Lens

  1. Leaving the Nest

    24 Aug 2019
    Where did the summer go?  It’s already August and it feels like the Summer just started.  The baby birds have left the nest (both figuratively and literally) At the beginning of the summer, we put up a new birdhouse and were so excited that a family moved in so quickly.…

  2. What’s a New England Meeting House?

    01 Mar 2019
    My town in New Hampshire was established in 1746 and in the center of town there are several original buildings.  My favorite is what was originally my town’s ‘Meeting House’.  In colonial days, a Meeting House played a significant role in the community and was often one of the first…

  3. Farmhouse Style without ‘Demo Day’

    22 Jan 2019
    Do you love that Farmhouse style like Fixer Upper but don’t know how to pull it off without ‘demo day’?  There a few simple changes you can make to achieve the same fresh, cozy and relaxing look 1.  Pick colors that bring nature indoors.  Decorate with natural colors that mirror…

  4. Industrial Chic in the Northeast

    08 Jan 2019
    Nashua,NH Mill Clocktower Mi Nashua, NH Boott Cotton Mill Lowell, MA I don’t live far from Lowell, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire; both mid-sized cities with historical significance far outweighing their size.  These places housed some of the first and largest textile mills from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.…

  5. Why are Barns Red?

    31 Dec 2018
    As a young girl in Indiana, cornfields, cows and barns were part of the regular landscape for me. Even today living thousands of miles from my hometown, this Hoosier girl loves to photograph rural American scenes with wide-open fields, fences and animals.  Something about the rural landscape takes me back…specifically…

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